Message from
the president

Paid Search
will become the new hub for marketing

According to the "Advertisement fee of Japan" by Dentsu, ¥919,400,000,000 was spent on Internet advertisement (medium only) in 2015.The size of the market for "Paid Search", the core of our operation, is said to be ¥622,600,000,000.The average growth rate over the past 5 years is 21.8%, which is the highest growth rate among any advertisement forms.As a result, practical ads now make up 67.7% of the total, furthering the trend of Internet ad ≒ practical ads.

Behind this trend is the rise of "Direct/database marketing that sets quantitative response/actions of consumers as benchmarks and takes actions accordingly", which as been promoted in the world of marketing for decades.
Then came the development of Paid Search platforms which has a better cost-effectiveness and allows us to see the effects in real time and improve on it.
This growth was inevitable.

However, I believe the true potentials of Paid Search are much bigger.
To roughly summarise its history of growth and its future,

  • 1) From targeting using individual data like searching
  • 2) It will expand to practical targeting (“retargeting” and so on) based on accumulated behavioural data such as anonymous identities (cookies)
  • 3) Then the behavioural data on the web and realistic data such as purchase logs of consumers will be “synced”, which will then be used for modelling and utilised for targeting in cross-platforms,
  • 4) Then that data will be linked with CRM system to deploy comprehensive communication initiatives including offline media in the future.

In 2015, “Marketing automation” was the biggest topic in the digital marketing industry,
which shows that marketers are now showing interest in items mentioned in 4).

In other words, this means optimising communication in multiple channels by syncing data acquired through Paid Search with external data and offline consumers/potential consumers.
There, individual communication scenarios will be preset for segmented clients, then a link between marketing systems and practical Internet ads will be necessary to implement the action semi automatically.

Data acquired through practical Internet ads will become the hub and link with CRM/marketing automation systems to become the core of marketing system for advertisers, it seems this form of advertisement is becoming more realistic nowadays.

With Dentsu Digital Holdings, Xaxis, the Internet advertisement company and a subsidiary of the largest advertisement firm in the world, WPP, and ASATSU-DK as our shareholders, we have been working on Paid Search since the beginning.

There are only about 140 employees, but most employees in the consulting/business operation department have Google AdWords certification to become a professional team.

As Paid Search become the core of marketing, we need more knowledge, skills and speed.
We will continue to take initiatives to train our members to provide the best service for our customers.

Please expect big things from our firm.

DA search & link INC.
President and Representative Director
Yoshitaka Miyamoto